Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New kid protection deal

…Child seats are as heavy as a second kid. Twenty lbs or more!

…But help is on the way.

…The FAA has approved a light system of straps to lash kids into place.

…It’s called the Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES). It wraps around the seat and anchored by the seatbelt. There! That tot isn’t going anyplace.

…CARES is for tots from 22 to 44 pounds, which is about ages 2-4.

…It’s $75ish from www.kidsflysafe.com.

…By the way, this is not OK for cars. And you may have to BYO—the airlines are afraid they will be stolen and may not provide them.

…What a good idea! Who thunk it up? A mother—and grandmother—named Louise Stoll, a former Dept of Transportation employee.

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