Monday, September 25, 2006

The potty chamber

…Forget the smelly, scary, and probably disease-ridden port-a-potty at the state fair, rock concert, or construction site.

…The john has gone uptown.

…Jane Spencer, writing in the WSJ (Sept 22, 2006), says even the blasé rich are swooning over the new luxury potties showing up at their horse shows and award parties.

…One, the “Cherry Suite,” features marble sinks, porcelain toilets, air conditioning and if you wish, a uniformed attendant to hand out towels.

…The tab? $2,500 a night.

…No need to soil the Manolos, as one guest put it

…These “conveniences” come with carpeting, sound systems, all the amenities.

…On the mundane side, a garden hose runs the toilets and sinks.

…One bride was so er, relieved. She never would have entered a normal port-a-potty in her wedding dress, she said.

…The one shown is from Royal Flush Mobile Restrooms (, a company with a sense of humor.

…And a six-holer.

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