Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quiet little table

…Gary Allen is a cool foodie. You can check his site at

…Each month, he puts out an email newsletter of incredibly fun food sites, recipe sites, and nostalgia sites. To get on his list, drop him an email at

…This month, to give ya a sampling, Gary included a bunch of sites on ice cream, but also had directions to the blue crab of Chesapeake Bay, all about bread (well, not all about, there is always more), how to make a Brooklyn egg cream, how to set a formal place setting, a history of napkins, retro recipes, how to have good table manners, and how to tip without getting your soup spat in the next time.

…Food should be passed to the right, HA learned, and women should reapply lipstick in the bathroom, not at the table.

…Bah to the second one. But HA would not mind some of the more etiquettely challenged in AZ taking off their baseball caps while eating.

..She once expressed that humble little preference in a newspaper column and was roundly excoriated by the yahoo set. They can write! To the editor, too, as it turns out!

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