Friday, September 01, 2006

Siss, boom...uh-oh

…Falling off the pyramid or spraining her ankle could be the least of your kid’s problems if she becomes a cheerleader.

…Renee Grant-Williams, a voice coach, says no other sport requires such coordination of body and voice.

…And so much yelling!

…Cheerleaders often become hoarse and can get voice-altering nodes on their vocal cords that could require surgery.

…One thing you can’t do is tell cheerleaders to yell softly. Ain’t gonna happen, the coach says.

…She recommends using lower body strength to support voices. Cheerleaders should breathe “low” and stand with a solid grip on the ground, projecting their voices from there.

…HA needs a minute on that one. Yell with your legs?

…Also? Megaphone? Do they still use those?

…Cheerleaders are often outside on cold fall or winter days and are susceptible to colds.

…Grant-Williams recommends eating a balanced diet, staying away from alcohol and caffeine, wearing layers, putting a scarf on your throat, chewing gum or candy, and gargling with warm salt water.

…Clamming up about how super-fab you are, after the game and in the lunchroom, might also be a plus.

…Did HA really say that?

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