Friday, September 22, 2006

Talk about sore thumbs

…The AP’s Stephanie Hoo says those who are clutching their personal assistants (electronic kind) and pecking and fussing away all day can get sore thumbs.

…Tremendous stress on the thumbs, pronounced one doctor.

…Thumbs are nice, but they are the least flexible digit. They get “Blackberry Thumb” pretty easily—a repetitive motion disorder akin to carpal tunnel.

…Ow. And the thumbs and hands can go numb, too. And swell, they swell.

…The problem can get so bad the person can’t pick up a cup of coffee or lift the milk out of the fridge.

…What should you do? Take breaks! This was supposed to be a short message medium and not contain a thesis. (Paris Hilton aside, is this really your main means of communication?)

…Write fewer messages.

…Use abbrevs. C U 2moro may offend people (like HA, who doubts it’s even legal), but your thumbs will benefit.

…Oh, and here’s one: USE OTHER FINGERS!


Science Writer David Bradley said...

I'm all thumbs...but my kids aren't.

While grown-ups are struggling with the new technology of using their thumbs to send text messages and fiddle with their PDAs, the kids are just getting on with it. Moreover, their bones and joints are still developing so it means they gain new flexibilities in their opposabls that us olds will simply never gain without some serious surgical tunneling.

If you're worried about RSI when you're "blackberry picking", hand over your handheld and get a child to do the job for you, or better still get the latest version of that fire-breathing voice recognition software and do away with keyboards altogether.

Star said...

I don't have a Blackberry personally--or any other fruit. But I find kids' little iron fingers are great at getting those childproof caps off. :-) You do raise the sort of spooky specter of kids morphing into creatures with long, strong, extra-strong fingers and thumbs. I am keeping the light on tonight.

Linda said...

A whole generation of little Sissy Hankshaws.....who will be able to do much more than hitchhike....