Friday, September 08, 2006

Teens should not take dangerous jobs

…This is one for "The Big Book of Duh."

…One out of six teens is injured on the job, many in jobs they should not have even had, due to their age.

…Published in the Sept-Oct issue of the American Journal of Health Behavior was a study of 6,800 Wisconsin high school students.

…Half got a job and of that half, 514 were hurt so badly it affected their activities for three days or more.

..Seventy kids die of work-related injuries each year.

…Well, no wonder. These kids aren’t tearing tickets at the movies, they are working in lumber mills (where half got injured), lumberyards (40% hurt), gas stations (36%), someone’s farm besides theirs (36%), and construction (30%).

…Legally, kids were not old enough to be in most of those jobs.

…Kids working late were more likely to get hurt.

…The researchers said that might be because the managers with common sense had gone home.


…Just because youngsters think they are invincible, doesn’t mean they are. Where are the ‘rents?

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