Friday, September 15, 2006

Thunderbolt of love

…Writing in the McClatchy Newspapers, Savannah Ashour says women can take in 10,000 non-verbal clues in less than a minute and can form an opinion of someone in a 40th of a second with 80% accuracy.

…Pheromones are a biggie. Although men can wear cologne, they usually pick a scent similar to their own.

…Players try to merge a lot of styles and buy trendy drinks.

…Lack of eye contact and fidgeting—even the cops use these to size up a ne’er do well.

…Sallow complexion, labored breathing, shaky hands, clumsy—an unwell look. Probably bad in the sack.

…Loud, ick, whispery, ick.

…If he’s into the bling, it don’t mean a thing. The watch can be an indicator. Understated is better.

…Do these apply to women, too?

…Of course. You had to ruin it, didn’t you?

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