Thursday, September 28, 2006

Walk, boy?

…These scientists will say just about anything to get us to walk. It will lower your BP in a hot second, microsecond even. Just 20 minutes a year and you will see the pounds fly off. Walk a mile, lose a doughnut.

…This isn’t pretty. They are getting desperate.

…But one of the best ones they ever came up with it—your dog will love you for it.

…Of course, your dog already loves you.

…But what if—your dog will benefit from it? Hah! Got ya!

…A Chicago doctor has been running some studies called People and Pets Exercising Together (PPET).

…Other studies have shown that exercise is more effective and happens more often when you do it with a peer. Your dog is your peer, right? Except for that extra pair of legs?

…They pitted human pairs against dog-human pairs and told them to hit the bricks on 1500 cals a day (for the human).

…Sure enough, the furry and fur-deprived both shed pounds going together. In one study, the average was 14 (human) pounds after nearly a year, with one participant losing 30 pounds. The dogs also regained svelte little waists.

…Participants began with walking a dog just 10 minutes daily, three times a week, and worked up to 20 minutes five times a week

…”This is the most fun study I have every done!” exclaimed the doctor.

…Hills Pet Nutrition, maker of Hills Science Diet and Pet Prescription foods, sponsored the research.

…Keeping dogs alive to eat their food—and owners alive to buy it—must be in their best interest or something.

…In the interests of full disclosure, HA does not walk her dog Spencer. For one thing, he is hyperactive as it is. And secondly, he blew out her knee last spring jumping into it.

…HA is just now working up to walking an hour a day again. Sans the "huffing, mumbling and half-choking himself" ill-trained pooch.

…He declares himself done with the walk after 2 blocks of these histrionics anyhow.

...That little speedy face in the picture? Not him.

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