Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Watch out, breakfast, they are after ya

…Most important meal of the day.

…Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper.

…According to Andreas von Bubnof, writing for the NYT Sept 18, the first meal of the day may be overhyped.

…They say there is no data that skipping breakfast or lunch (or both) is unhealthy.

…Is nothing sacred anymore?

….HA digresses.

…Most countries eat breakfast, although some consume fish and other non-breakfasty stuff.

…Cereal didn’t even come along until 1863.

…Other scientists say breakfast, with traditional fare, is the only time many people will eat fruit or drink fruit juice, or eat whole grains, or get an egg in.

…They counter with studies that show breakfast skippers pack it in later in the day.

…HA looked over the battling studies for you. Sort of inconclusive on either side.

…Break the fast? Continue it until someone puts doughnuts or chips out?

…Skipping probably won’t compromise your health. Or have an effect either way on weight loss.

…Your call.

…To HA, though, that empty dish is one pitiful sight.

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