Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yes, a vaccine, get on it

...Writing in USA Weekend (Sept 8-10, 2006), Ted Mitchell, MD, says a professor of chemistry at Scripps Research Institute has been studying an anti-fat vaccine.

…A pill, a shot, something—this subject is wearing out its welcome.

…The researchers are focusing on a stomach hormone called ghrelin, which surges around and affects appetite and how much fat is sent to the storage tanks in your thighs.

…This little gremlin…er, ghrelin…squirts out like mad when you go on a calorie restricted diet. This slows down how you metabolize fat and makes you hungrier.

…This is nifty during a famine, but watch my lips: WE ARE NOT HAVING A FAMINE!

…The vaccines being studied bind with the ghrelin and keep it from making you hungrier.

…So far, good news for rats who feel they have put on a couple.

…It has yet to be tested on humans.

…And of course, the killjoys remind us we will still have to eat healthy foods in sensible amounts.


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