Thursday, September 21, 2006

Zut alors! Chubby Frenchwomen?

…It was entertaining enough to see some Spanish designers toss the ultra-skinny coathanger women off the runway last week, but this? Can it be?

…According to ObEpi-Roche, a survey company across the pond, 42% of the French over age 15 have a weight problem. A third are overweight—and 12.4 are classified as the O-thing.

…This despite their reportedly dainty habits, tripping along for miles in chic shoes to get a baguette and a scrap of cheese, sipping on antioxidant-crammed red wine, slow-digesting for hours under sunlit grape arbors, and nibbling like gaunt meerkats while smoking madly.

…French experts are aghast. What about the couture, the pencil skirts?

…Just kidding. They are worried about the health of their fleshy compatriots. (Have you ever noticed, these weight mavens are usually skinny?)

…Lower income people are more likely to be obese, the survey said. And for the first time since 1997, pounds are dropping off the very rich.

…Take this as you will—but sales of C-cup bras are up 7% in France. More than half of the women wear a C or larger now.

…Horrible to contemplate? Depends on your point of view, doesn’t it?

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