Friday, October 06, 2006

Aesthetic medicine--new specialty

…Botox maker Allergan is out to create a new, household-word medical specialty—aesthetic medicine.

…As they put it in a recent WSJ piece by Rhonda L. Rundle (Oct 5, 2006), they are out to “industrialize” this area of medicine, which includes (industrial-strength?) breast implants.

…Also the tools of the trade—derma fillers (what HA disdainfully calls spackle because she can’t afford it). Allergan has one called Juvederm for the lower part of the face. Botox, the paralyzer is for the upper.

…Good news! People are starting to see their aesthetic specialist (not aesthetician, right?) earlier.

…Smackdown coming between this Juvederm stuff and Restylane.

…As an interesting twist, the company may price Juvederm higher than Restylane, which is $500 a syringe, with treatments running $2,000 a year.

…The Restylane people sniff that Juvederm is a cheap imitation of their spackle.

…Oooo, this is getting good. Cat fight!

…Also in the wings, Sculptura, currently only for HIV patients who have facial wasting.

…But the big one is silicone breast implants. Everyone is vying for those.

…Among the drug companies, that is. Didn’t these use to make women sick—did they clean up the implants?

…Or just the studies?

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