Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Healthy Eve...bwahahahahaha

…Keri McDougald, a local realtor (www.movephoenix.com), put out a poop sheet on how to keep the kiddies alive tonight on H’ween--if indeed that is your intent.

…HA is almost ready. She blacks her eyes and puts bleeding wounds on her face to scare the young ones. HA truly is an ass.

…Any-old-how, Keri has some tips for the big night.

…Make sure the costumes are fire-safe and the child can see out of the mask.

…If your porch jack-o-lanterns have candles, make sure they are far from where they could catch a kid on fire.

…If the kid is carrying an ax or big prop, make sure the tips are not sharp.

…Make a spooky dinner (peeled grapes as eyeballs, cauliflower as brains) to fill them up so they won’t lower the world’s candy level too much.

…Remind kids never to get in a car with a stranger and to cross only with an adult or trafffic light, preferably both.

…When the tots get home, confiscate most of the candy to dole out later and hope to heck you remember where you put it.

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