Monday, October 23, 2006

Anti-aging measures questionable

…Have you ever seen a “60 Minutes” or other news report on the anti-aging crowd? They are scurrying around the world getting weird injections of lamb plasma or pounding in the hormones and potions.

…Not to be be mean, but they still look a little wrinkly to HA. Maybe it’s Treadmill Poisoning.

…Even Ponce de Leon croaked, right? That’s how HA got the story anyhow.

…Now some researchers at the Mayo Clinic published a study in the New Eng J of Med that said that DHEA pills and testosterone patches do not retard the aging process.

…HA is not sure about the lamb plasma.

…DHEA is a steroid that breaks down into testosterone and estrogen. It begins to decline in the bod at age 25.

…Testosterone can build strength (and mustaches in women, though it does make them livelier in the sack).

…The NFL has said no to DHEA, and remember that biker Floyd Landis? He got in big troubs behind testosterone.

…Still doctors wondered if these substances might not help older people.

…The Mayo people studied 57 women and 87 men, aged 60 or older.

…Blood samples were taken every 3 mos. Body fat, hormone levels, bone density, and performance on a treadmill, along with other indicators, were also measured every 3 mos.

…Although the DHEA and testosterone levels went up in the men and women who were not given the placebo, there was no effect on physical performance or ability to lower blood sugar.

…No harmful effects were detected, but it does not mean these supplements were safe. The doses were low and there is some indication that higher doses of DHEA and testosterone can worsen risks of some cancers.

…DHEA remains on the shelves of health food stores.

…And…so far there is no evidence that communities of marathon-running elderly are springing up as the tyranny of aging is defeated forever.

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