Monday, October 09, 2006

Color rules

…Ever get up and think, “Big meeting, better wear red”?

…Colors affect your energy, your mood—and the mood of others. They have true power.

…Artist and writer Barbara Garro ( reminds us that sexy Samantha in “Sex and the City” had a lot of red in her apartment. On “West Wing,” the president had brown and gold in his office—security and stability.

…Want devil-make-care? Try orange. (HA has heard that is also the favored color of the insane, which stuck with her because orange is one of her favorite colors.)

…Garro said her mother raised her in a green environment. Green exudes power and intelligence. Green is also restful for the eyes. The story goes that diamond cutters have an emerald next to their workstation so they can gaze into it every so often and clear their vision.

…Blues are calming, supportive and peaceful.

…Purples and violets inspire and get others inspired.

…Garro suggests wearing one color for a whole week and seeing if your reality changes.

…For guys, this can be a tie, she adds

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