Thursday, October 12, 2006

The "ewwww" crowd

…Writing in the Washington Post, Annie Groer says many adults have food phobias.

…HA’s kid does. Rice. She can’t even say it, calls it the R-thing. (Don’t ask—bad Chinese as a child).

…HA’s niece and fish? Also not so much. Not from a bad encounter at Sea World, HA is not sure why.

..HA used to date a guy whose son would not eat mushrooms because of the name. Mush, mush.

…Sometimes it’s taste, sometimes texture, sometimes an association.

…Chokey, wads up and won’t go down, chewy, gritty, slimy, smelly.

…Some people must finish all of one item before starting another. HA’s mother used to knock HA for doing that—saying it all gets mixed up in your stomach anyway. Now, HA does not do it, but her mother does!

…Some won’t eat foods that have touched on the plate. HA could get that going with blood from too rare meat, which she doesn’t like anyway. Blood on bread, shut up!

…Normal eaters will chow down on thousands of combinations. Picky eaters may only eat 20-30 foods.

…Naturally, there is a website:

…The owner of the site eats only carrots and celery, french fries, chips, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, cereal, beer and milk.

….He refers to Thanksgiving as Black Thursday.

…The guy who who eats one food at a time? Go ahead and invite him to your house. He will take apart the casserole and eat each item separately.

…By the way, your kids are watching what you do. Don’t put them to shame by being more eccentric than they are.

…HA eats rice at every opportunity to show her daughter that it’s OK. (No reaction yet, but it’s only been 20 years,give it time.)

…She did give up ordering her invention, though—Black Pizza. The anchovy and black olive topping combo turned her family green.

…Probably the smell.

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