Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Floor cleaner so-so drink

…According to Nicholar Bakalar in the NYT (Oct 17, 2006), more than 100 people have helped themselves to a nice glug of Fabuloso, the perfumy floor cleaner.

…We’re not talking little kids, either. Forty percent of the calls to Poison Control were from people over 12.

…Fabuloso (which in the interests of full disclosure, HA uses but does not make Margaritas with) is sold in soda-like bottles and comes in purple, blue, yellow and green.

…According to one doc, it doesn’t taste too terrible. Like soap sorta. (HA is taking his word for it.)

…It’s also not particulary heinous. At worst, you might get a touch of the trots.

…Colgate-Palmolive is adding a big pix of a mop and bucket.

…Which is what you might need if you drink a whole bottle.

…Can we make this more of a literacy deal? Sometimes HA is not wearing her specs and could easily grab a bottle and take a swig.

…The same goes for those who can see, but can’t read the words.

…Even if you can, it sounds seductively…Fabuloso.

…Who could resist?

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