Friday, October 06, 2006

Living in easy

…Archie Bunker had his. HA’s dad had his.

…A chair.

…Writing in the Times Union in Albany, NY, Kristi L. Gustafson reminds us that a designated chair, though a throwback to a more 1950s mindset, still exists in many households.

…One guy calls his the command center. His wife sits on the couch to catch his pronouncements, HA assumes.

…This guy Rundle interviewed calls it The Man Chair. “Not too big or small, room for your feet to hang off just enough.”

...Insert Tim Allen grunts here.

…Frazier’s dad’s chair. The two recliners on “Friends.”

…These guys admit it’s a throne thing. Head of household. You’re king.

…Women are more likely to have a room or a "spot" they go to.

…But it won’t be that chair.

…HA suspects the letter Z is often involved. As in “La-Z-Boy.”

…Oh, who is she kidding? She has a twin bed instead of a couch—room for the animals to snooze during TV.

…And no one else better even think of touching it with their gluteus maximimus or minimus!


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