Monday, October 16, 2006

Makes sense, they are watching a painkiller

…Univ of Maryland ER physician David Jerrard tracked 800 regular season college and pro football, baseball, and basketball games in the state and found that there was in uptick in the number of men who showed up at the ER after the games were over.

…50% more men turned up after a football game than during the game itself.

…30%-40% more came in for care after, but not during, a baseball game.

…Are men dopey? This could be the last game they ever see, intones Jerrard.

…HA thinks this correlation is because the excitement of the game allowed them to push those chest pains to the back of their mind.

…When Oprah popped on, owwww.

…This doesn’t answer the question of whether men are dopey, of course.

…By the way, HA has some experience with ERs. If you can wait until shift
change at 7 am, this is prime time to be seen before you expire in the waiting room.

…You won’t miss a game at that hour, either.

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