Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Na-choo kitties

…According to Elisabeth Rosenthal, writing in the NYT October 6, 2006, an outfit called Allerca in San Diego has bred a non-allergy-causing cat.

…Inquiries are pouring in from 85 countries.

…The cats are $4,000 (me-OUCH) and there is a waiting list of 18 mos.

…The manufactuers of these felines are picky—they even do a home inspection.

…The company claims many people spend at least four grand for shots and air filters.

…Although these fancy pants cats have not been subjected to intense study, one prof at UCLA did expose some allergic people to them and the people didn’t sneeze.

…Most allergies are caused by a specific molecule in a cat’s dander or urine that can theoretically be disabled. In studying this, the docs found that some cats have a modified genes that doesn’t produce as many allergies.

…Voila—breed for that!

…The non-allergy gene is dominant so the cats are neutered before being placed, possibly so they can’t cut into the market and produce more acceptable kitties that would not go for $4,000.

…Really, really , really allergic people, such as those who have been rushed to the ER for a closing throat, may react to these kitties nonetheless.

…HA loves cats. She has three. But $4,000? She suddenly realized her love is conditional.

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