Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ode to Happy Hour lost

…HA lost one of her best friends this week. She was 93, not confused or demented, had fun, and lived the way she wanted, despite the usual set of troubles everyone has.

...She was raised in a little town in WV that was so hilly she said her father once fell out of his garden. She was a single mother for more than a decade and worked as a secretary to a prominent, Arnold & Porter level rainmaker in DC (heck, it was Paul Porter). After her daughter Patricia left home, she traveled the world. She was a Friend of the National Zoo and always went to the hot, humid outdoor parties there, loved opera and traveled even to Santa Fe to see performances. She also was a huge fan of football, especially West Virginia football. She never missed the Kentucky Derby on TV.

...She was interesting because she was interested--in everything.

…And, HA might add, just sayin’: Her friend had a few drinks a day, sometimes more than a few, and check it out: 93.

…Yes, it was a long life. But HA figured she had a few decades to go. It’s hard to say good-bye.

…HA won’t see her stationery in the mail ever again.

…Here’s to you, Margaret Cureton.

…(Teeny clink.)

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Linda said...

What a great tribute!