Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seating without the crying

Even non-Swedes love Ikea, HA thought. She mentioned it to her daughter, though, and the kid said, “Are you kidding? Mike tried to put together one of those things and he almost CRIED!”

…Oh. A guy. They come with Phillips heads already installed in their fingers. Not good.

…But lookee here! It’s Real Simple Furniture.

…Packed flat, it requires only a set of human hands (without male attachments) to put together.

…Real wood, not particle board (or as HA calls it—wood lint).

….Simple, sturdy, even a little chic.

…Chairs, couches, shelving, tables, and desks.

…Go to www.realsimplefurniture.com.

...And dry those tears.

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