Thursday, October 05, 2006

Skeevy driving peeves

…HA has already admitted she doesn’t drive. But even SHE has pet peeves about road behavior.

…She sits in the “suicide seat,” you see.

…Bob Golfen, in his Arizona Republic column, “Traffic Jam,” asked people for their pet peeves about drivers.

…Tailgaters—according to Bob, these are the worst. A company even took a survey.

…According to the Haggerty Collector Network, an insurer of classic cars, the top 10 are: (1) Drivers on cellphones, (2) Slow drivers in fast lane, (3) Tailgaters, (4) Drivers who weave through traffic to gain one of two carlengths, (5) Drivers who speed up tokeep you from changing lanes, (6) Lane changers who don’t signal, (7) Road rage, (8) Motorcyclists who slalom between cars, (9) Women applying makeup or men shaving (eating, turning around to talk to kids, working a laptop, etc), (10) Drivers who leave their turn signal on for miles.

…Golten has a few more: The guy who zooms along with one hand draped limply over the top of the wheel.

…Too many teens in a car.

…HA also has one: Darters. Those are the people waiting to come out of a side street, who inexplicably lunge forward, then brake.

…This happens, of course, just as you are going by the side street.

…Watch for those little cairns of flowers and candles. These mark the victims of someone’s pet peeve.

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