Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Boomers don't get it

…What happened to kicking back on the porch, telling the kids to get off your property, and sipping a little Jackie D?

…Retirement, the way it’s being framed these days, sounds like boot camp at Fort Bragg.

…First, they call it “55 or better.” Do bite HA on that one.

…Boomers, one builder says, want high tech offices, jogging trails, big community centers full of gabby neighbors and lap pools, art classes, book clubs, golf, travel (“extreme and supreme,” really slinging the language here).

…What? No skate parks?

…Actually, one senior, gated community had an interesting idea. Why not let in people of all ages?

…You mean, a neighborhood? With kids, teens, hip hop, cars bumping, self-wielded weedeaters gobbling grass?

…At least HA would have a good use for her kid-scattering voice. Not that she squandered it before.

…This is all academic. Writers are already retired. All that remains to them is to fall facedown on the keyboard.

…And it's all she wrote.

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