Monday, October 30, 2006

Teens scorn the out-of-doors

...No one plays outside anymore!

…When HA was a youngster, kids played outside. They came home from school, changed, ate a cookie and ran out until it began to get dark.

…The other day HA was trying to explain to her daughter how she used to try to “trap” animals…you remember, with a box, a pencil holding it up, and a string to pull when the animal went in.

…HA’s daughter was horrified. Why did you do that? HA doesn’t remember, to be honest. She never caught one! No one ever does using that box and pencil!

…This came under the category of playing outside. She also once built a little underground burrow for a chipmunk. No chipmunk ever deigned to move in, of course.

…Pickup basketball games, roaming in woods, throwing cherry bombs in the crabby neighbor’s pond, all that good stuff is gone.

…Kids are losing interest in nature, according to a study done for the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council.

…Parents of California kids from 13 to 17 were surveyed. Of 2,600 contacted, 605 responded.

…70% said access to the outdoors as good or excellent, but 60% said their kids’ interest in going outdoors was declining.

…Less than a third of their kids had been to a park all summer.

…Only 3% said their teens had gone hiking more than 10 times that summer.

…46% said they never went.

…Skateboarding provides one exception—kids will do that.

…If Mom and Dad work out or run and kids are urged to get on sports teams, that helps to make the outdoors more attractive, too.

…Maybe HA needs to take another look at camping.

…Just kidding. Activity from hell, even though it’s outside.

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Walktopia said...

Thanks for calling our attention to this fact: "...60% said their kids’ interest in going outdoors was declining." Our walking blog serves up ideas on many different ways to walk so that, hopefully, one or two will capture the curiosity of the kids! They especially seem to like orienteering and geocaching...