Monday, October 09, 2006

This dog is outsourcing

…Our beloved pets leave a lot of unhealthy calling cards around. Tons.

…Four hundred companies nationwide will do the pickup for you. Doody Calls is one.

…The company started in 2000 with two Univ of Virginia grads, who scooped on weekends.

…Now it’s er, sucking in $1M a year and has 1,500 clients.

…This is truly a luxury item, said one franchiser, perhaps unnecessarily.

…Yet, this vocation has a trade association now—Assn of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS).

…When you have 40% of the population doing something they don’t want to do, said one waste specialist,this is a business opportunity.

…HA just wants the product naming contract. The president of APAWS? Her company is Yucko’s Poop ‘n Scoop.

…Will the guy come on the morning walk? Maybe trailing behind a few paces?

…That would be worth a coupla bucks.


fellista said...

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Star said...

A magic way to get my dog to obey? Tell me more. I am not into that Caesar whisperer person...I can see by the expressions on the dogs' faces they are thinking, "What an a-hole." Also--I don't want any Stepford dogs...