Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What else do you use to hang clothes?

…Eclectic and fun blogger Majikthise ( took on the emaciated model ban instigated by Spain. This started when models on the catwalk in the Cibeles fashion show had to have a Body-Mass Index of at least 18.

…Majikthise says the state should not interfere with people espousing harmful standards of beauty—and that there was not enough evidence to say such models were encouraging eating disorders.

…But, she asks, what if using ultra-thin models violated their right to a healthy, safe workplace? These designers are employers, after all. If you put on a play with risky stunts, she reasoned, you would need to provide the proper equipment and harnesses.

…Could this become an Occupational Safety and Health issue?

…One guy said, why worry about them when people are living and dying on tiny wages a fraction of what these women earn. Let’s call him Mr. Sensitive.

…Another, safety expert, Jordan Barab, of Confined Space, said it would be difficult for OSHA to enforce this. How could they prove the modeling agency was forcing this—and what would the remedy be, firing the women until they gained weight?

…Another said the Spanish idea—one runway, one show—was more doable and less intrusive. Like a weigh-in for a boxing match.

…Another expert said weigh-ins could be tricky. Would they extend to say, restaurants, where some waitstaff was recently laid off for being too fat?

…So maybe we are once again left with good old uncommon commonsense. Models on the runway need to look like little wire stick things.

…They are human coat hangers.

…HA thinks a nice tuna on rye would not hurt them now and then. The wet Kleenex and cigarette diet with an occasional dose of blow cannot be healthy.

...On Bravo’s “Project Runway,” it came out that there were several model-keeling incidents.


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