Thursday, October 12, 2006

What if you were so rich and famous that...

…That your plastic surgeon had to meet you on the QT at your kid’s soccer game, pretend not to know you, and check out your wrinkles in the stands to see if you need a touchup?

…According to a story by Joan Kron in the Sept issue of Allure, some movie stars are so secretive about having “work” done that they sneak around like thieves.

…Then the fun begins as cutouts and assistants arrange the surgery, sometimes using assumed names and refusing to fill in the clipboard (HA can sympathize there).

…One doctor lost the master list of assumed names and didn’t even know whom he was operating on.

…Some famous ones won’t even get the pre-surgery blood tests. Above that sort of nonsense, you know.

…Then, get this, they think the work is complimentary like an Oscar parting gift or something. How dare the doctor send a bill!

…Some don’t pay when they are billed.

…It’s not like she or he is going to stand on the Red Carpet and say, “My nose? Like it, it’s a Dr. Divine.”

…And when something goes wrong (cough, cough, Star Jones), the spinners lunge into action…exhaustion, dehydration.

…What is the point of this story? No point. Just funny. Kindasorta.

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