Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a waist

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (Oct 16, 2006), Susan Felt says we define our age by where we think our waist is.

…HA was idly looking at a catalog the other day that showed waist locations. Apparently, this is quite negotiable. Who knew?

…HA thought you could wear stuff above the waist or below, but you knew where the waist was or that it was in an agreed-upon place.

…Older women, it seems, point at the space between bust and hip, the narrowest part of it, anyway.

…Youngsters point at belly-button level.

…One kid said the waist is right by the hips.

…A lot of pants manufacturers agree, which has led to older or larger women risking a trip to crack town.

…Rise is the word for waist height. Some pants have only a 7-inch rise, which unless you are a cardboard cutout, does not amount to much.

…Banana Republic has named its rise options Martin, Harrison, Contoured and Ryan.

…Does anyone else think Banana Republic has too much time on its hands?

…We crave change, says one fashion guru, no doubt tugging at her Ryan wedgie as she speaks.

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