Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where did junior get that "look"?

…Sometimes HA reads something that sounds new and interesting, then thinks, hey, I knew that!

…Israeli researchers have now discovered that people’s facial expressions can be handed down genetically.

…Serena Gordon, writing in HealthDay, says scientists have even taken this one step further and theorized that they could get those genes to express and provide autistic people with expressions, rather than a flat expression.

…Before, HA guesses, expressions were thought to be emotionally based or picked up from those around you. But haven’t you seen a baby cock an eyebrow just like Dad?

…Evolution-wise (we still are into that, aren’t we?), this is thought to protect the child by making it more like the parent and thus inspiring the parent to keep it alive.

…What they did was study people blind from birth who could not have picked up the expressions subconsciously. Yup, they exhibited the family “signature” expression more than when outside the family.

…So did we sorta know this? Or not?

...P.S. George on the dollar has nothing to do with this, HA just thought it was cute.

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