Thursday, October 26, 2006

Whole grains...whole grain of salt maybe

…Oh, Newsweek, tell us, what does it mean that all the foods say “whole grain” on them?

…HA needs to know this because she is making her kid get cereals that are whole grain. These, she notes, are kinda not as colorful as the other kind. The Leprechauns must be ticked.

…On Oct 30, Newsweek responded. The feds say eat 3+ servings of whole grains a day (How’s this for a govt slogan: “Make half your grains whole.” The govt needs HA so pitifully badly!)

…Shoveling in scratchy whole grains with husk-like scouring attributes apparently helps us cut our risks of heart disease and maybe even cancer.

…That white flour has the bran and husk stuff refined out. (Remember what cool bread pills Wonder Bread made, so gooey and sticky?)

…Even some kinds of Wonder Bread, wonder of wonders, has whole grains now.


…Just saying “made with whole grains” could mean a pinch of something was thrown in.

…”Multigrain” means more than one kind of grain—but it could be more than one kind of refined grain.

…The Whole Grains Council (how could there not be one— stamps products with the amt of whole grains they contain.

…But not all products have signed up with the council.and which ones would THOSE be…bwwwahaha.

…So look at the ingredient list. Make sure the first item says whole, not enriched or unbleached.

…100% whole grains is also a good thing to see.

…Oh, and of course, we are reminded that good doesn’t mean good for you. A whole-grain cookie still has cals.

…Yes, Nanny Newsweek.

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