Thursday, October 26, 2006

Would a kickin' toilet make you think better?

…Is it healthier to be treated like a human, respected, and even pampered a little at work?

…Makes a certain kind of twisted sense, right?

…Then Google must be a pretty hale and hearty joint.

…Writing in the WashPost, Sara Kehaulani Goo, says all the Google johns in Mountain View have heated seats and a bidet and drying doodad.

…To HA, this gives Human Resources a whole new meaning.

…Generous, even quirky perks, Google thinks, keep employees happy and thinking in a creative way.

…The company has 9,000 employees and is trying to push them all “out of the box.”

…Along with painstakingly powdered tushes, there is an atmosphere of fearlessness at Google. They shrug off flops, they buy companies doing things better than they do them.

…Employees eat free meals three times a day (so it's true--they don't get to go home), swim in the outdoor wave pool, visit their tots in the onsite daycare center, and ride private buses to work.

…Engineers spend 20% of their time thinking of their own projects.

…If you are not failing enough, said one Googler, you aren’t trying hard enough.

….That reminds HA of another great phrase she heard the other day, “Where there’s smoke…there’re mirrors.”

…Still, she wouldn’t kick out a fanny dryer.

…Not to mention some respect.

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