Friday, October 13, 2006

You are feeling very tight inside

…According to Consumer Reports on Health (Oct 2006), irritable bowel syndrome—IBS--sometimes submits to hypnotic suggestion.

…As most people know, this yucko condition results in pain, bloating, the runs, constipation, you name it.

…People have to eat certain foods and gobble antispasmodics, laxatives, and sometimes antidepressants, but they still pester doctors for relief. So now, the docs have turned to hypnosis.

…Fourteen studies on IBS have shown that hypnotherapy consistently improved symptoms in most patients.

…Better yet, the relief seems to last. A British study done in 2003 showed that 80% of those helped by hypnosis six years before still felt better.

…So IBS is just some hysterical thing? Most sufferers are women, but no, the researchers say, it’s more a matter of the close connection between brain and gut.

…HA sure knows about that connection. One cross word to her and she’s running for the smallest room in the house!

...TMI, sorry.

…To find a hypnotist, go to

…Sometimes you can find a nurse-hypnotist, who should cost less than a psychologist.

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