Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You deserve a break this week

…HA is a huge fan of HBO’s “The Wire.” Last week, a teacher said Wednesday was the kids’ best day to learn—-farthest from the chaos of the streets on the weekends, either the weekend just survived or the one coming.

…Weekends aren’t what they used to be. We used to look forward to them.

…Now, weekends are a “to-do” list. The evil weedeater is chuckling in the corner. The car has "Wash Me" inscribed in the dirt on the hood.

…Some families are now trying to reclaim the big W. Family Focus Night in Poway, California, for instance. Or Ready, Set, Relax! In Ridgewood, NJ. There are others, too.

…Janie Magruder wrote about this in The Arizona Republic (Sept 17, 2006).

…People don’t talk, don’t take afternoon naps, don’t sit out and blab with the neighbors or soup up a car.

…More than half of Americans, in one survey, say they would prefer four 10-hour days. That’s great, but people work 60-80 hours!

…Some ways to change the pattern? Put the machine on pickup. Cancel some sport or event. Go to a spa. Have friends over for potluck. Rent a movie everyone likes.

…HA likes to watch Book TV on CSPAN. Can this woman party or not?

…And for heaven’s sakes, sleep in! Remember those Sundays—whole day in bed, squirming on crumbs from two meals, the kids, dogs, cats, papers?

…HA made it until 7:30 am one Saturday. You can do it!

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