Thursday, November 30, 2006

Big man (and woman) on campus

…They have Minority Studies. So how about Obesity Studies?

…Writing in the NYT (Nov 26, 2006), Abby Ellin interviewed Sheana Director (think her name is destiny?), founder of Size Matters, a fat acceptance group that recently held a seminar called “Fat and the Academy” to talk about "fat studies."

…They decry the cultural ideals that have been set, likening them to the ideals that marginalize gays and lesbians. Or try to.

…The Univ of Wisconsin Madison offers a course on the social construction of obesity.

…The New California School of Law teaches ways to deal with weightism.

…There is a list on Yahoo—called “fatstudies.”

…Some people say this is just a way to institutionalize victimhood.

…However, some “fat” scholars say the risks of obesity are overhyped and the science doesn’t support some of the ranting.

…Even if larger people are more apt to get medical conditions, how does this justify berating them or disparaging them?

…Just because they can?

…That’s what these people are studying, among other things.


Sheana said...

I can't say much about my name being destiny, but the fat studies list on yahoo is actually just called "fatstudies" - "Fat!So?" is the name of a book by Marilyn Wann, the founder of the fatstudies email group. :)

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