Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Calm down--it's T-day, not Food Network

…Why do you think they call it Turkey Day? It’s the cooking mistakes!

…Emily Seftel, writing in the AZ Republic (Nov 20, 2006), reminded HA of one year her mother was trying a low-heat turkey cooking technique—and after 8 hrs, the thing was still raw. Not THAT low.

…If you forget to defrost the Birdie, plunge it into cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes. Allow 30 minutes per lb.

…People are rushing the kitchen but you are not sure the turkey is done? Use a thermometer, Minimum allowable inside: 165 F. Stick into the thickest part of breast, wing, and thigh.

…Ooops, nowhere near 165 F? Carve it and nuke the pieces. Use a microwavable dish covered loosely with paper.

…Always let a turkey “rest” for 20 minutes so the juices can redistribute.

…Extras show up? Relax, you will just have fewer leftovers. In the case of late-arriving vegans, you will have much less sweet potato casserole left.

…Hey, it’s BYOT. Bring your own tofu.

…Just laugh and pour.

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