Friday, November 03, 2006

Cinnamon and other "good" foods

…People with type 2 diabetes, it turns out, might benefit from taking a cinnamon extract capsule a few times a day.

…A study of 79 people with diabetes who took the cinnamon in addition to their usual medications, saw a 10% reduction in blood sugar levels vs 3% for those on the placebo.

…Oh, by the way, red hots and gooey cinnamon buns—those probably aren’t the greatest way for diabetics to get their daily dose.

…Other food items climbing the health charts include pomegranate juice. A small study in Israel showed that drinking 6 oz every day for 6 mos cut the risk of clogged arteries in people with diabetes. The sugars in the juice may be attached to super-antioxidants that help prevent clogging.

….Lemonade is also good to prevent kidney stones, according to some docs. But HA recently wrote about this and other doctors pooh-poohed this.

…Noni juice is some high-powered weirdie from the tropics, which is said to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in smokers, and even retard tumors. Ixnay on it if you have kidney problems—it’s loaded with potassium. Ixnay on it also if you have financial problems—it’s spendy!

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