Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Creativity in babysitting

…Sitters in the City ( is a neat concept. Artists and thespians--vetted, police records checked--babysit hip kids.

…They bring a bag of tricks—costumes, supplies. The kids know they are in for a treat.

…This also benefits the artists and thesps and beats waiting tables. Or could be in addition to.

…Your artistic high schoolers could try this in your city.

…Or how about an Athletic Sitter, someone to play in the yard with your kid while you’re out--and burn off some cals.

…Or a Cooking Sitter…they could make dinner with your kids.

…Or an Organizing Sitter…help the kids straighten up their room and the rest of the house.

…Speaking of sitters…Do they even have kids who will come over and watch the lilttle ones for money anymore? HA knows teens who weedeat for $15 are an extinct species.

…HA is only being partially serious, although these activities would be more fun than watching the sitter neck with her boyfriend.

…For one thing, the banister always gets in the way.

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