Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dancing out of our graves

…Guilty pleasure: Dancing with the Stars.

…HA has not taken it as far as some in her family, but it’s fun to peek now and again.

…Now, some Italian docs (Lancisi Heart Institute, Ancona, Italy) have decided that heart attack patients might benefit from some of the old ballroom.

…Waltzing, turns out, is quite aerobic and every bit as good as the stationary bike or treadmill—and way less boring.

…Studying 110 cardiac patients, the researchers also found a slight improvement in their mood, sleep, interest in hobbies, and ability to do housework and have sex (presumably not at the same time).

…As many as 70% of heart attack patients drop out of their exercise programs.

…Part of the effectiveness of the waltzing, the docs speculated, might be the fact that it was social, done with a partner.

…Do the women wear those hootchy outfits like on DWTS? That could cut either way.

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