Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fear itself

…Michael Schulman, writing in The New Yorker (Oct 30, 2006), says a theatre director put up haunted houses in the five boroughs of NY, each appealing to the particular fears of that populace.

…Ever get the feeling someone could use a new hobby?

…First, he polled people in these areas about their worse nightmares. (He’s afraid of getting stuck in a cave and his partner in this project is afraid of being eaten alive.)

…People from the Bronx and Queens feared things that might happen, such as being mugged (harpaxophobia).

…Manhattanites were afraid of unlikely occurrences such as flying sharks and an elevator that rockets through the roof of a building. Where do they FIND these people?

…Some fear the homeless. More practical types feared becoming homeless.

…One house was based on fear of eating…bad sour smells of rotting food…a woman pretending her eat her own insides.

…They translated a fear of Howdy Doody into a fear of dummies that can think.

…For fear of insects, they glued thousands of dead roaches to a wall.

…Fear of heights? A picture of someone falling, sound efx of Splat.

…Nobody said they were afraid of death. HA guesses they were more afraid of this guy!

…Seriously? The new hobby deal? Think about it.

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