Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fertility fun runs

…Nothing is more irritating to people trying to conceive than someone saying, “Relax, you’re just too tense.”

…Still, some entrepreneurs have come up with “Procreation Vacations,” and the would-be reproducers seem pretty happy about it.

…Writing about this for the AP, Kelli Kennedy says these places offer weird potions and herbs, relaxing massages, and even actual sex doctors.

…Some obstetricians even recommend this.

…Think of it as getting pregnant in style, said one proponent.

…The Westin Grand Bahama, for one, provides these getaways. They serve wishful couples sea moss, a sort of tropical Viagra, mixed with evaporated milk, sugar and spices.

…One couple thought they were learning sex secrets to be used at home—but she conceived the day she got back.

…The Birds and Bees Package at Five Gables Inn & Spa on the Chesapeake Bay comes with oysters and heart-printed boxer shorts. In the CD player—Barry White.

…I guess you could get knocked up if you stopped laughing long enough. Or who knows—the laughing might be the key.

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