Monday, November 27, 2006

Fridge facials

…HA saw a face cream—a laughably expensive one, Crème de la Mer--advertised as a Christmas gift.

…“Here, honey, you have been looking like a shar pei lately.”

…HA’s ex used to work in a cosmetic factory in NJ and said the drugstore and dept store creams came out of the same vat, but got a different label. Basically, this may be true.

…You can moisten your skin and scrape off dry cells pretty cheaply using common items.

….Mix up an egg white, slap it on, let it dry until it “pulls,” then rinse off. Pat dry gently. Babies’ butts will envy your face.

…Glycerine and rosewater…another couple-buck combo…also is a good 15-minute soak.

…A little lemon juice and honey make another wonderful mask. Wash off after 15 to 30 minutes.

…You can mix a mashed banana into that honey—another good one.

…Beautiful! Natural! Cheap!

…And don’t forget the old Buff Puff. What happened to that anyhow?

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