Friday, November 24, 2006

Geezers sure are touchy

…3.3 million boomers are turning 60 this year, according to Susan Felt in the Arizona Republic (Nov 22, 2006).

…And they don’t feel old at all, babies. Crabby and cranky, but not old!

…According to some guy who calls himself a generationalist (nice gig if you can make it up), ad companies and the govt better watch what they call this group.

…At a recent meeting, this generationalist guy asked attendees if they would stop using or tune out anything called a “senior” center or “senior” services…half said yes!

…Other terms that suck are “retiree” (this bunch is not thinking of themselves as 7-day-a-week golfers and many cannot afford to retire), the “aged” (are you brain dead? No!), “elderly” (shut UP!), “golden years” (with this income—forget it), “silver years” (who says that?), “prime time” (too cute and also stupid), and…ta-da!

…The worst….Mature.

…Who says? HA is a self-professed “Ass.” Who you callin’ mature?

…What does that leave?

…Wise ones.




...If you totally MUST--Boomers.

…HA has always liked the image of the Boomers passing through the society like a dead cow through a python….so how about “Dead Cows”?

…Better yet, Sacred Cows.


twobuyfour said...

Love your site, HA. I read it daily.

How about "Old people"?

"Grey hairs"?


Star said...
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Star said...

Whose hair you callin' gray? They have bottles for this now...LOL.

FOP? Friend of...?

Thanks for the comp and for reading!

twobuyfour said...

When I was young we always referred to them as FOPs. It stood for Freaking Old People.