Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hack Hack

Hack hack

…It’s that time again. Time to OD on cough syrup! Kidding.

…According to the November 2006 Consumer Reports on Health, the standard cough medicines—Robitussin, Vicks, Mucinex, and the gang--are largely ineffective for common coughs.

…Better to keep the room humid. Put a towel over your head and breathe over a sink of hot water a few times a day (also great for the complexion). If you use a humifier, clean and dry it in between sessions to prevent mold.

…Drink hot liquids. Chicken soup even kills some viruses.

…Stick with glycerin lozenges, maybe with honey.

…Don’t whack in the herbals such as slippery elm or marshmallow if you’re pregnant, but they can lubricate the throat.

…The older over-the-counters like Chlor-Trimeton or Sudafed may work better if you must get a decongestant…though you may have to sign for Sudafed, because the meth cookers got to it first. These also can cause sleepiness, but the non-sleepy ones don’t work as well.

…Some drugs are bad with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure.

…Maybe better to stock up on hard candy and Kleenex.

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