Friday, November 17, 2006

Is your doctor's office fit for a sick person?

…The Medical Group Management Assn, Institute for Safe Medication Practices, and Health Research and Educational Trust (whew, these names) have developed a web-based Physician Practice Safety Assessment to make docs more aware of how they run their offices.

…Laura Landro took this in the WSJ on Nov 15, 2006.

…164 offices have taken the test and almost a third did not know about safety procedures for medications. A fifth has no programs for patient education.

…What is that? The pamphlets in the holder in the waiting room?

…Kaiser also wants to make sure patients understand their part of the bargain, to listen, understand, ask questions, and follow instructions.

…Docs can download the test at, along with a workbook to help them figure out the results. That Medical Group Management Assn also will help docs interpret results and see how they compare with other docs.

…The stats are bad. Of 1,000 patients taking a prescription drug, 90 will seek medical attention for a complication. Of 1,000 prescriptions written, 40 will be wrong. Of 1,000 women with a marginally abnormal mammo, 360 will not get proper followup.

…Just getting this test, Landro says, can give some docs a clue about what they should be doing—or could do.

…It’s a start.

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