Thursday, November 02, 2006

Keeping patients safe--maybe

…According to Laura Landro (WSJ, Nov 1, 2006), a coalition of health care purchasers (companies), quality groups and govt agencies have endorsed a list of 30 safe practices for hospitals to use.

…This list replaces one done in 2003 and includes the requirement that hosps disclose medical errors, adopt some tested programs to prevent errors when a patient is handed over to the next nursing shift, and implement a program of evaluating non-nursing personnel.

…The list also reminds docs and staff of previous recommendations, such as marking the limb to be operated or writing “not this one” on the limb to be left intact. Apparently not everyone was doing this.

…There are no excuses (for hospitals) anymore, one expert said.

…You can check out the list at

…Already, according to this story, administrators and govt types are worrying that they are asking hosps to do too much at one time.

…Most hosps may end up implementing the recommendations that will bring the biggest improvements.

…Or at least that is the hope.

…HA always feels like she is in a hotel with needles and if she died, no one would take it any more personally or even know her name any more than a hotel maid would.

...How's that for warm fuzzies about hospitals?

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