Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Killer beauty products

…Every morning, many women, including HA, are happy to slap wads of chemicals onto their skin.

…Happy! Grateful! Empowered!

…But, alas, some chemicals don’t know whether they are in a liquid makeup or a pesticide. It’s all the same to them.

…One in every 125 kids is allergic to peanuts, yet according to the National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation, Clarins Ultra Protection Sun Control Stick is loaded with hydrogenated peanut oil.

….These brain doctors hate Clarins for “deceptive labeling” and are especially ticked by Angel Perfume by Theirry Mugler.

…Angel Perfume, they fume, has not been tested for safety. This particular scent, the docs claim, has the potential to cause damage to mucus membranes, irritation to the eyes, and even brain or kidney damage. Lung and skin damage are not out of the question, either.

…The culprit would be benzophenone-2, which is also used as a pesticide. Another ingredient in Angel Perfume is diethyl phthalate, which attacks the brain and lungs.

…Every spritz, the docs say, adds more to your supply, which is stored in the body.
Then one fine day—arg.

…Can Clarins be the worst?. Can the others be much better?

…HA is stricken. She loves her cosmetics and scents and will probably still slather and spray.

…But she promises to worry.

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