Thursday, November 02, 2006

Look good, feel good, cash or credit

…The docs are going in the spa biz, according to Gary Haber, writing in the Wilmington, Delaware News Journal.

…Smoothing brows and filling cracks are looking good to physicians, compared with crummy reimbursements for some medical procedures.

…For one thing, most of it is cash business from rich women.

…These medical spas offer Botox and laser face sanding in addition to massages and facials.

…One family doctor (not a plastic surgeon or dermatologist) opened a spa next to her regular doctor’s office.

…No paperwork, no HMOS, they love it!

…There may already be 2,500 of these hybrid places out there.

…The people who leave are happy instead of worried and upset. One doc said this was a plus.

…But once our doctors have been through the golden door, will they want to treat our cancer and colds and go to the mat with our insurers?

…HA guesses it’s harmless enough if they don’t start cutting people open over the shampoo sink.

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