Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Magic little exercise to prevent heel pain

…HA had it—plantar’s fasciitis, a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot at the heel that comes with each step.

…Now, according to Janet Cromley (LA Times, Nov 13, 2006), there is an exercise to heal this.

…HA bought expensive rubber thingies to put in her shoes, but they only partially helped.

…You can get this from pretty mild and innocuous stuff—like walking on cement.

…And, babies, it HURTS!

…The advice used to be to stretch the Achilles tendon up the back of the ankle.

…Then came the new technique—curling the toes backward while flexing the ankle.

…Sufferers also turn to icing and a splint to keep the foot at 90 degrees while sleeping. Shockwaves are used. Surgery.

…Pain is worse in the morning when the body has tried to heal the little tears, but then is shocked when walking rips them apart again.

…The new stretch should be done first thing after getting out of bed or after any long period of inactivity.

…Other advice: Wear good, quality, properly fitted shoes and avoid hard surfaces.

…The doc who did the study played golf one day, then stepped on the floor the next morning. "Oh my goodness I’ve got it,” he exclaimed.

…Here is how to do the exercise. Sit upright in a chair barefoot. Place the ankle of the affected foot on the opposite knee.

…Using the hand on the same side as the affected foot, reach across and grab the toes.

…Flex the ankle forward and pull the toes toward the shin.

…You should be able to feel the cord-like tendon running the length of the foot.

…Hold for count of 10, then relax. Repeat 10 times. Do this at least three times a day.

…Then you won’t find yourself going “Ooo, ah, ooo, ah,” as you walk.


Anonymous said...

Why not illustrate that exercise. Easy enough to understand but an illustration would be better

Anonymous said...

I am trying this exercise immediately.
Very few of the heel pain sites mention this one. Why?

Anonymous said...

And my wife wanted me to visit a podiatrist. Did the excersise, pain gone.

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