Monday, November 13, 2006

No more "Irish twins"?

…A while back, Emory Univ did a study on contraception for new mothers.

…Nearly half of 502 new and expectant mothers surveyed said they currently use a new form of birth control or plan to after the birth.

…Many did not want to become pregnant again right away and wanted to adjust to the new baby first.

…57% said the frequency of relations decreased after the first kid.

…Women who were dissatisfied with their form of birth control were more than twice as likely to be dissatisfied with their sex lives after the birth. (This is one for the Big Book of Duh.)

…Of this group, a third had had unplanned pregnancies (half of all pregnancies in the US are unplanned). More than half of those unplanned events came in the group not satisfied with their form of contraception.

…Ideally, researchers found, birth control should be highly effective, allow for spontaneity, be hassle-free, and not requirre frequent thought.

…Interestingly 43% percent were more interested in long-term measures after having gotten pregnant.

…At very least, diaphragm users should be refitted after a birth. The geography in there changes.

...As for breast-feeding, it may lessen fertility but is not birth control.

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